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Swimming Trainer with Students

is a life skill... What's stopping you?

Learn to conquer your fear of water. 

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We Care About Your Safety

The biggest life skill that swimming can teach you or your child is the skill of water safety! A skill that most will retain for the rest of their lives. Swimming in all forms has the potential to save a life. 


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Baby Swimming Class

Parent & Me Aquatics

Our Parent & Me program creates a beautiful setting for parent and baby bonding time. By utilising the fundamentals of Montessori Philosophy, our Parent & Me Aquatic classes build on the child's natural inclination of learning through play, sensory stimulation and our fun, exciting and water positive curriculum teaches confidence, independence and a natural love water safety and learning.

Level 1: Baby & Me Classes 

Level 2: Toddler Graduate

Swimming Coach

Junior Aquatics

Once your child graduates our toddler graduate program, our Junior Aquatics programs' open a new world of exploration, self-confidence, building technique and levels provide the much needed groundwork for future advancements.


Level 1: Junior Aquatics  - Water Exploration

Level 1: Junior Aquatics - Primary Skills

Swimming Lessons

Learn 2 Swim Aquatics

Our Learn 2 Swim Aquatic programs' are designed to focus on further developing motor skills, ensuring our swimmers are comfortable and confident enough to embark on a journey of stroke readiness, stroke development, stroke refinement and swim skill proficiency & fitness. 

Learn 2 Swim - Beginner

Learn 2 Swim - Intermediate

Learn 2 Swim - Advanced

Learn 2 Swim - Senior Graduate

Aerobic Class in Pool

Adult Aquatics

Swimming is known as one of the best forms of exercise. The practice engages the whole body while increasing cardiovascular strength without putting stress on joints. Learning to swim can sometimes be a challenge for the beginning learner. Our Adult Classes are designed to allow even the most novice swimmer with the ability to navigate the basic skills and gain confidence in the learn to swim journey.

Adult Aquatics - Beginner

Adult Aquatics - Intermediate

Adult Aquatics - Advanced


Not into biking or hiking and need a pool to earn those Vitality Points? 

Keep your eyes on our page for exciting MONTHLY AQUATIC ACTIVITIES. 

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